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How Can Massage Help You?

Experts estimate that more than 90% of disease is stress related.  Massage is an effective tool for managing stress by

  •  decreasing anxiety and depression
  •  enhancing quality of sleep
  •  increasing energy
  •  increasing mental clarity and improving concentration
  •  reducing fatigue
  •  resetting your body’s natural stress response, allowing for more balanced moods


Massage can address health issues as well by

  • promoting growth and development in infants
  • assisting with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers and shortening post-natal recovery time 
  • helping athletes prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts, training, competitions, and disabling injuries
  •  improving circulation (general and local)
  •  pumping oxygen and nutrients to vital organs and tissues promoting healthy organ and tissue function
  • improving skin tone
  •  improving digestion
  • encouraging diaphragmatic breathing (increased oxygenation to blood)
  • enhancing immunity by boosting lymph flow (the body’s natural waste removal and defense system)
  • reducing blood pressure and heart rate
  • enhancing tissue repair and regeneration, allowing for healthy scar tissue formation, and reduced scar tissue and post-surgery adhesions
  •  promoting smooth joint function, increased joint flexibility, and increased range of motion
  • improving overall health of muscle tissue by

- enhancing pliability of tissue related to muscles (tendons, ligaments, etc.)

- softening injured, tired, and overused muscles, thereby reducing            spasms and cramps

 -  stretching and exercising weak, tight, and atrophied muscles

  •  effectively reducing chronic, long term, and diffuse pain by

- releasing endorphins – the body’s natural pain killer

- blocking transmission from small pain transmitting nerve fibers by activating      large nerve fibers that carry tactile (sensory) information

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